Dusk and an Empty Chair

Dusk and an empty chair
in a light rain,
a few petals letting go
under the white polyanthus
and the lawn is confettied.
It’s misty, the world,
through my unaided eyes
a little smudged
much prettier, softer.

What else could be shed?
Shoes – the blades of grass
become known.
Clothes – so that rain quenches
a body’s thirst and reminds
the skin of a sensate life.
Thoughts – so that reason
and it’s companion tribe
are vanquished.

Ah, now it can be heard.
A heart enrapt
a heart, a song
a heart, a breath,



pbsweeney July 2006


2 responses to “Dusk and an Empty Chair

  1. As poignant as the silent harmony of life, the music of the spheres we hear with the heart. Beautiful 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting The Shoe Dish! I enjoy your site as well. I’m working on my doctorate at NYU in comparative literature and I appreciate passionate writing more than life.

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