Along the Ridge

Silence like this
fills the ears – it overflows
toward the ridge of the Trapezius
Another hour, and it slips
past Eustachian hollows
pools in a yawning stomach
a cooler drink than water’s slake.

When full enough of silence
buoyed and light
these Achilles look to touch the road
where dust and clay, the crumbled core
are eddied in the empty wake.

pbsweeney July 2007 Clearwater


6 responses to “Along the Ridge

  1. I love it, and know just what you mean in the country life. The silence fills the cells, and the feet naturally want to move, to dance, to walk in the wind without disturbing the quiet.

  2. Such a fine and quiet beauty …….

  3. You could say I am an Absorber,
    not much of a Commentator either,
    but you know I would love this 😉

    Peace and love from the Netherlands,

  4. Nice blog, this of yours.

    Mine is about a Great portuguese writer: Cristóvão de Aguiar.

  5. lovely…..hmmm the silence its beautiful.and thanks for the encouraging comment………….Eid Mubarak

  6. Silence like this ……….
    like nothing else …..

    A poem not just to be read
    but to be sculpted in stone .


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