We have winds from the ocean
a hurricane that has ripped up the coast
I wish I could smell it.
I am traveling there,
out of these unyielding granite bone-yards
where at any moment I expect to find a cache
of profound extinction.

I am watching the wind lift the boughs
in that way – that way
that is arousing
weather is arousing.

Soon I’ll be where the wind takes hold of you
where your breath and pulse
are subject to an untender mercy
I can hear it calling through my weeping.


Pbsweeney . Clearwater . 11.03.2007


6 responses to “Glaucous

  1. A lovely and longing poem to the power of the ocean, that calls in our blood when we are far from its force and majesty. The salt sea smell of it, and the gulls circling overhead, are like bread to the hungry soul.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. Dear patricia,
    Salaam and greetings! I am so glad to have found you too here in this world of blogs!
    Your blog is a beautiful blend of a soul full of mysticism yearning to seek closeness to the Divine by exploring His marvellous Gift of Love and Nature. Couldnt blend more beautifully dear:-)
    Your poems depict so much of depth and you are truly blessed with the magic of words. I completely agree with dear Irving when he says they are truly the bread for the HUNGRY SOUL!
    Looking forward to tread this Divine Path with you…
    God bless you with His Divine Mercy always:-)
    Love and hugs for you!

  3. Salamaat,
    I grew up on the lap of the ocean, this poem speaks to me.

  4. so you are writing & posting again my precious sister. thats wonderful.

  5. Wind and ocean captive in your words ……..


  6. truly understand the need to excape the unyealding granet bone yards. the need is there all the time, if I am to be in a canyon let it not have windows in its walls and cars on its floors.

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