Note from Self

I found myself today standing quite still, after working in light rain expanding the small flower bed near the sun room window. The rain was quiet for a moment, but the trees and low growth were not. There was much little flutterings and chirbles and pips. I realized I was standing in the midst of a roving band of chickadees, on the hunt for insects and bits of tasty things. My stillness, I guess, was automatic. And they did not seem to mind me because of it. I would not say, as some might, or as I perhaps might have suggested even a year ago, that they came to me, or were drawn to me by my peaceful energy. The I of me, had little to do with it. I was merely in their path, and as I did not present myself as one of the more excitable humans, they continued on their path, coming quite close to me, even peering at me and pausing for a time. “Hi,” I said to one in particular who was two feet above me on a slender branch. It was an ineffectual hi, it just came out, because we were eye to eye and well, I didn’t want to be rude. Such a tiny bead of an eye. He moved on without rushing, as did his roving mates. But for a time, I was in the thick of them without any fuss. As they moved off, I scanned the trees and the undergrowth, feeling a little lonely. They were nice to be with, those chickadees, even if like most creatures, they were just on their way somewhere.


7 responses to “Note from Self

  1. You are writting very beautifully, even thougt english not is my language, I can easely feel how nice and quiet it was to be with the busy insects.

  2. What a sacred gift you have,

    To sing through words like this…

    Profound and achingly beautiful words,

    Sending you soft peace on loves wide wings,


  3. She also leaves water and sunflower seeds out for the chipmunks, and they complain when the water and seeds are late. At times I think they know her better than I, or at least take it less for granted. Ah, love 🙂

    Ya Haqq!

  4. Patricia ,

    How well you write !
    This peace is close to my heart as it goes into
    the slightly detached philosophical realm .
    It speaks the truth .
    We happen to be here by sheer coincidence !

    How can I forget that you posted it withn
    a few days of my request ?

    Salaams ,


  5. I loved this! I’ve felt those exact feelings, too, when I’m with the birds and we meet eye to eye for a second or two. I’ve even had a “hi” escape from my lips without meaning to. I especially liked how you described yourself being calm and still as you said, “as I did not present myself as one of the more excitable humans”. So many humans don’t seem to understand how to be still and at one with nature and animals. Keep up the beautiful writings!

  6. your post was sent to me by giiid because I posted about chickadees too. You are so right that we are one with them, but I imagine that if you held your hand out that little friend of yours might have flitted a little closer even.
    peace n abundance

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