There comes, in the late afternoon
an emptiness of purpose
where there might be lingering
in what’s left of the sunlight
and we may dream and not think
of beginning

The view of the street is enough
the bees hanging in mid-air
seek no nectar.
If I were a dog I would not bark
a policeman, I would only watch the
vague torments of dishonesty,
a writer, I would not type the
next chapter heading
but let everything go
for a few minutes
and in this place that is so large
the un-tethered self tingling
with enormity and axis,
a tiny triangulation of the infinite
means then that breathing and being are enough

Oh yes, we say, in the quiet exhalation,
in relief and obscurity and sadness and joy –
opened, closed and opened again –
more than enough.




6 responses to “Idyll

  1. I’m both delighted and touched by this work. This was unexpected. It may be just a bit too close to how I’m feeling today. “Breathing and being are enough.”

    This is my first time here; however, I do recognize some of th “Drops in the Ocean.” I’ll be back soon. I have also taken the liberty of adding this site to my Blogroll.

    Thank you,
    Miss D

  2. It is enough and more than enough to be with you, in the quietude of relief and joy.

  3. This brings tears to my eyes,

    Love and light to you and all those you love,


  4. I just LOVE this poem.

  5. Very evocative language. It gives the impression of looking at one fragment, a second of time, for ages. Good work.

  6. I enjoyed reading this.

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