In Beauty

-for my Son on his birthday, in hopes that he may soon leap…

The supreme pleasure in beauty
the Creator’s perfections
in beauty cast over the landscape
of earth and heaven

Rapture in the delectable
rapture in the seared eye
stricken and slain by beauty

Pale leaves unfolding tinged
with silver, gold, pale copper
The delicate softening of
bark and branch and formidable oak

There is sighing to be done
and leaning into the breeze
Love may rise quickly on days like this
running fast and hard from winter
headlong over the precipice and into the green.




11 responses to “In Beauty

  1. Just wonderful πŸ™‚ We all are blessed by the beauty of God’s creation unfolding around us, as your beloved son is blessed to have such a mother.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. That last stanza is a thoroughly beautiful and evocative construction, and stays with me…. Thank you for this poem.

  3. My Dearest Patricia,
    Simply enchanting :)) What a beautiful gift for your son..He is indeed blessed to have a mother like you ! My Heartfelt birthday wishes for you both.
    May His Beauty be blessed on you abundantly and may the Roaring Waves of love wash away all discomfort from your lives πŸ™‚
    Lots of Love, smiles and goodwishes for your Shining Soul πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, it is I who is the lucky one – to have such a son who is so fine and good hearted. Like his sister, they are the jewels of my life!

  5. Blessings of love to you both,

    Your words sing to my heart.

    Make me want to fly into the green
    like the love of which you
    so tenderly speak,

    Thank you blessed one,

    Love and peace, Maithri

  6. Patricia,
    Thank you for your gift of poetry and willingness to share it. Your recent visit to my site gave me this new link for which I am grateful. In your dive into the mystics I hope you are able to spend much time with Julian of Norwich.

  7. I love this poem and it reminds me of a Beltane poem I wrote some years ago – I will post it on my blog so that you can read it.

  8. Nurturing maternal love. Like a fountain.

  9. I love those lines, “There is sighing to be done, and leaning into the breeze”

  10. what a glorious ending – and yet a beginning:

    headlong over the precipice and into the green.

    i miss your beautiful writing, and i hope you come back again and update soon. meanwhile, best wishes to you and yours in the leaping! =)

  11. Love may rise quickly on days like this
    running fast and hard from winter
    headlong over the precipice and into the green.


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